Deep Fried Energy

Deep Fried Energy System = Low maintenance. High performance. Solid Return On Investment.

About Us

Our Story


Deep Fried Energy began as a thought in a restaurant kitchen in the Florida Keys.  Russ Lambert, the inventor and Director of Engineering was in a kitchen and noticed the considerable amount of heat coming from a fryer.  Russ is an avid inventor and has successfully received multiple Patents over the course of his career.  He had a thought that the wasted heat (1100 F) from a fryer could be used to heat water or even preheat a forced air system in a restaurant.


Our story began in Florida, but it has taken us to a successful restaurant in Central New York, where Russ would eventually meet his business partners and form Energy Recovery Associates. A conversation was started, a partnership formed and a prototype was installed into the restaurant.   And as they say, the rest is history.


Deep Fried Energy (DFE) offers a heat recovery system for fryers in commercial kitchens.  The system recovers almost 70% of the heat and converts the heat from the flue of a gas or propane fryer to heat water.  In addition, it can also be used to preheat a forced air system.


Our innovative technology allows restaurant owners to capture wasted heat and reduce their overall carbon footprint.  Our goal is to assist restaurant owners in capturing this FREE wasted energy.


If you would like more information about Deep Fried Energy we can be contact at or 1-800-264-0846.