Deep Fried Energy

Deep Fried Energy System = Low maintenance. High performance. Solid Return On Investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What IS the Deep Fried Energy System?
The Deep Fried Energy (DFE) System is a simple device that performs a process of recovering almost 70% of the incredible amount of lost/wasted heat energy. Temperature reaches approximately 1100F degrees in the chimney/flue of a typical commercial kitchen fryer.  The DFE System is utilized for the purpose of heating domestic water and/or supplemental building heat.

The main coil units of the Deep Fried Energy System are unique heat exchangers that rest in the hot exhaust flue of a propane or natural gas powered fryer.  The coil unit transfers heat energy to  your domestic hot water system or building heat to significantly reduce the amount of propane/natural gas fuel consumed.

The Deep Fried Energy System can result in a significant decrease of your energy use and expense.

How it works


Q: Does the Deep Fried Energy System work on any type of fryer?

To utilize the Deep Fried Energy Unit, you must have either propane or natural gas powered fryers in your facility.

Fryers with 10”, 12” or 15” width exhaust openings can be accommodated.  Call for detail regarding custom sized coil unit.


Q: Will the Deep Fried Energy Coil Unit affect my fryers performance?

No. Sensitive testing showed no measurable restriction from normal exhaust flow due to the unique design of our Deep Fried Energy Coil Unit.


Q: How do I know if my restaurant/facility is a good candidate for the Deep Fried Energy System?

Typically any facility that utilizes 3 or more fryers will find a significant reduction in their fuel usage upon installation of the Deep Fried Energy System.  Any restaurant that utilizes a moderate amount of hot  water and/or heats their building would be a candidate for the Deep Fried Energy System.

We invite you to fill out our Free Evaluation form to find out if your facility is a candidate. 


Q: How much money will I save if I install this System?

If your business is a suitable candidate for the Deep Fried Energy System your savings will be significant.  Our experts at Energy Recovery Associates can help evaluate your usage and expected ROI.  Because there are many variables (location, gas or propane usage, QSR vs. Casual Dining, hours of operation, amount of fryers, etc) we would evaluate each customer individually.  However, we do know that the Deep Fried Energy System can recover almost 70% of the wasted heat from the fryers.


Q: Is the Deep Fried Energy System easy to install?

Yes. The System comes as a kit, consisting of two compact wall mounted sub assemblies, completing a System that can be quickly installed by any qualified plumber. The System does require near access to 120 volt power outlet.


Q: Why does the Deep Fried Energy Unit work differently than other kitchen energy recovery products on the market?

It is very simple.  Because the temperature in the flue of a deep fryer is between 600F-1200F, depending on the type of deep fryer (Energy Star has a lower flue temperature), the DFE System is able to capture heat right at the source, which is also a rather sanitary, low maintenance environment.

Other products all seem to to capture heat from the hot air in the kitchen might be typically seen at a maximum temperature of 140F. This heat cpature is also a rather greasy, high maintenance environment.

Deep Fried Energy System = Low maintenance. High performance. Solid Return On Investment.


Q: Does my state offer incentives for installing the System in my restaurant/facility?

Many states do have some type of rebate/incentive for reducing energy consumption in a commercial setting.  Our Reps work with customers to ensure we are taking advantage of all potential State or Utility based incentives.

Because our product is a custom/retro-fit on most installations, it frequently falls under various “Performance Based” incentives or “Custom”


Please click here to find all of your State and utility based incentive programs.