Deep Fried Energy

Deep Fried Energy System = Low maintenance. High performance. Solid Return On Investment.

How It Works

The Deep Fried Energy (DFE) System is an advanced technology that allows restaurant owners to extract WASTED fryer exhaust flue heat at approximately 1100 F from commercial gas or propane powered kitchen fryers for the purpose of creating or contributing to the production of hot water and/or preheating a forced air system.

These patent pending DFE Coil Unit heat exchangers (fin/tube design, uniquely transparent to exhaust flow, 100% copper construction) can be placed in a fryer’s hot exhaust flue without affecting a fryer’s performance. The mini-hearts of the overall DFE System are the DFE Coil Units (heat exchangers) placed into the flue of gas or propane fryers. These are able to cause an efficient transfer of HEAT ENERGY as it passes through the heat exchanger, absorbing WASTED heat from the hot exhaust flow and DECREASING ENERGY USE while LOWERING your utility bill.

A 70% efficiency is achieved in recovering this FREE product.

The DFE Coil Units simply slide in and out of the fryer flues, and can be removed in moments without tools. The coil unit can be placed on the back of the machine using small hooks built into the design.

While the demand for hot water remains continuous during business hours, demand naturally slows after the end of business hours, as does production of heated water, while the involved deep fryer equipment is turned off.

Temperature set points at individual hand sinks or collectively of the overall system, can be maintained through the use of standard temperature mixing valves.